The fluid comes in different types ranging from DOT 3 to DOT 5.1. Determining the right fluid requires checking the vehicle owner's manual. Brake fluid fills the lines of the braking system to create pressure when depressing the brake pedal.

When pressing down on the brake pedal, the fluid travels through the brake lines to the brake pads and the rotors or disc brakes. As the pressure increases, the brake components slow the rotation of the wheels to eventually stop the vehicle.

Over time, brake fluid degrades by absorbing water and debris from the air. Water in the lines boils at a lower temperature compared to the brake fluid, which impedes the amount of pressure in the system when the brakes are applied. The driver may feel no resistance when pressing the brake pedal, which means the vehicle will not slow or stop.

To ensure proper brake function, the fluid must be replaced as recommended by the manufacturer.

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