Wintertime is rough on cars, and salt from the road can do some bad numbers on your engine and body panels. 

Maintain the value of your car this season by keeping it detailed and free of salt. Here are some procedures for removing salt and hard water spots:

  • Rubbing compound

Pro detailers use an electric buffer with paint correction compound/rubbing compound to clean up paint damage after a good car wash.

  • Engine degreaser

When washing the car, don't forget to clean under the hood. Spray some engine degreaser on the engine, and spray it off with some clean water.

  • Hard water spot removers

There are plenty of different hard water spot removers that will help remove nasty salt stains. You could even try white vinegar to remove stains from your paint job.

  • Protective coating/ceramic coating

Apply a ceramic coating to your paint job to prevent salt from damaging the paint. Wax also works well to repel the elements.


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